ETH Gas Fees, Redistributed.

ETH2.0's arrival brings a compensation to Ethereum users, for the gas fees they have spent. Introducing $gETH, a token distributed in direct proportion to your gas fee expenditure. a project by Ethereum Foundation.

About Us

What is gETH?

gETH, or gasETH, is an Ethereum core team token designed to reward individuals who have incurred significant gas fees on the Ethereum Mainnet. As Ethereum shifts into a new phase, reducing gas fees, we aim to recognize and reward those who have extensively utilized the network. Once the ETH2.0 Sharding update is implemented, gasETH will serve as a gas token and is currently being actively developed by the Ethereum team.

Understanding Ethereum Gas Fees

  • Why the gETH token?
    Gas fees have been a persistent issue for the Ethereum network since its inception, leading to slow and costly transactions.
  • The Ethereum Foundation has devised a solution
    -a token that rewards participants in ETH
    1.0. Presently, Ethereum processes 1 million transactions daily and generates substantial ETH for its stakers (prior to miners).
  • However, as ETH2.0 launches, gas fees will significantly decrease, with gETH serving as the primary currency for paying these fees.
  • Architecture of gETH
    All gETH tokens will be redistributed to those who have spent on gas fees, ensuring proportional rewards based on thetr expenditure.
  • This straightforward token is released by the Ethereum Foundation, established and funded by Ethereum from its beginning.


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